Cost to Attend SMC

Cost to Attend SMC

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Average cost to attend SMC for one year AND live on campus: $12,384.

Average cost to attend SMC for one year as a commuting student: $3,150*.

Compare the cost to attend these colleges after federal financial aid is applied:

Graph of average cost of SC colleges

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STICKER PRICE: 2023-2024 Total Cost to Attend (without financial aid)

Tuition $16,200*
Room and Board $9,900
Technology Fee $900
Capital Fee $500
Student Access Fee $450
Academic Resource Fee $900
Wellness Fee $400
TOTAL FOR YEAR (On Campus) $29,250
TOTAL FOR YEAR (Commuting Students) $19,350
*Tuition rate for full-time students is based on an hourly rate of $675 per credit hour up to the 12 credit hour full-time requirement.